Five Reasons to Choose Outdoor Awnings

For outdoor activities, outdoor awnings have become a great solution for almost everything, but at least there are some simple reasons behind this choosing. Most people choose to use this awning type because of their simple design, easiness to adapt with the environment, its large stock in the market, high efficiency (especially related to the energy needed for this awning), extra space, structural protection etc. Now, let’s start with the 5 most common reasons.

Simple Design

Besides a great function, a product should also have a simple, yet attractive design. These are the two benefits offered by outdoor awnings. At least, people can choose whether they want to standard outdoor awnings or a more customized and retractable one. This design enables the customer to customize the awning with any type and structure of any building. With various designs available in the market, people are free to choose which type meets their needs.

Easy to Adapt

For people who choose to have great beauty, as well as functionality, a standard awning should be their preference since it offers various ways for people to increase the value or aesthetic of their house. However, for the last few years, there has been another trend in choosing them. People are trying to add more value to their house and this means not only simple beauty and functionality, but also complex adjustment in dimension as well as its color. Choosing a retractable outdoor awning, for most people, is the solution they are looking for.

Market Stock

Nowadays, people are not only looking for products with great functionality, but also with a lot of variations, so they can pick the one they love, including awnings. Luckily, today there are so many variations available in the market. Everyone can find which type of outdoor awning they love, based on shape, dimension, structure, length, design etc. Choosing the right one, everyone now can have not only a great functional outdoor awning, but also a more personalized one which, of course, increases the value of their home.

Energy Efficient

Most people choose an air conditioner to maintain the warm temperature inside their house for almost 24 hours. They may get the warm temperature, but at the same time they also should pay high for the energy bill because of the device. Instead of using air conditioner, people can try to use awning because a recent scientific study shows that awning can reduce up to 77% heat transferred in a house which plays the most important role in increasing the temperature inside your house.

Extra Space

Outdoor awning offers another benefit for everyone. Having awning in your house, you can simply extend space in your house. If you don’t have enough space in your house, but at the same time you want to have a party at the outside, then outdoor awning should be your choice. Using the outdoor awning, everyone can enjoy the party without worrying about the heat from the sun or even the heavy rain.

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5 Unique Styles of Water Fountains for Your Patio

Last summer you probably had several days where you thought it would be so nice to have a few backyard water fountains. Of course since it was already well into summer, you may have just said these would be purchases you would make early next year, so you will be able to enjoy them for the full season. Well, next year has arrived. It is time to start shopping! You may already have an idea of which small solar varieties you want for your garden or flowerbeds, but if you are like many others, you are likely stumped over what to get for your patio. You want something different from what anyone else you know has, right? Below are five styles that will transform the look of your outdoor living space.


The simplicity of an urn water feature can easily find its place on a deck or patio, with a variety of themes. If you have a Victorian space with white wicker furniture, this classic style will look amazing. Alternatively, if you have a contemporary theme with a chaise lounge and huge fire bowl, an urn fountain will fit right in. They are simple but bold. Some even come with a pool at the bottom, or a bench wrapped around the perimeter for additional seating.


Who says you have to go with something traditional? If you love dolphins, frogs, lions, etc., why not showcase them as a focal point on your patio? Most animal-themed water features are available in a tiered style which offers a very classic look. This styling is also ideal as a focal point on your front lawn, or a in a large garden.


Most people think of wall fountains as those that actually have to get mounted to the exterior wall of your home. Although this style is certainly available, there are also some that sit on the floor, but are back-mounted to rest against the wall of your home. This adds depth and a mysterious appeal to any space. Many are available in a multitude of color options, so you have a good chance of finding one that is the exact color of your house.


Many folks assume that these backyard water features are only reserved for mansions, or at least very high-dollar homes. This is not true. Although pieces of art that feature people typically are very expensive, you can find some affordable ones online. Whether you want a garden girl, village maiden, a sweetheart couple, children, or any other style, you may be surprised at the selection that is available at a surprisingly affordable price.


If you have a modern or simplistic home, you will want to check out these Water Fountains for Your Patio. This simple obtuse design makes a strong focal point without distracting from other d├ęcor pieces. There are even styles with layers, and some add a sphere on top for a harmonic blend of curved and straight lines.

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